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the truth about elvis presley:

elvis presley, was actually a cia agent.   numerous photos have surfaced which support this theory.  it was most likely that he was approached by the central intellegence agency to keep an eye on the beatles, british intellegence.

the truth about john f. kennedy:

john f. kennedy was killed on november 22, 1963.   there were two assasins, lee harvey oswald who shot from the texas book depository, and fidel castro who shot from the grassy knoll.  castro was understandably upset about kennedy and hired oswald to assasinate him.  knowing that oswald might fail, the dictator himself hit behind the grassy knoll to deliver the fatal gunshots.  he then hired jack ruby to eliminate oswald from the picture, and then secretly got a ride from the cia (who allowed the assasination because of jfk's objections to the alien situation) back down to cuba.

the truth about m&m's:

it is a commonly held misconception that the only harm many m&m's can do to you is make you gain a few pounds.  independant studies have and shown us that all blue m&m's contain a small amount of radioactive cobalt.  (only the blue ones because that must conceal the color.) taken in trace amounts, this radiation is harmless, but consumed in large quantities it can be quite deadly.  it is believed that the government uses this radioactive cobalt (which stick to our fillings) to track us, much the same way animals who are released back into the wild are tracked.

the truth about the romanovs:

britain was responible for encouraging the assasination of the romanovs, the last czar of russia.  the bolsevics never killed the czar and his family, however, just peasants dressed in their clothes.  the royal family were spirited to ireland where they lived until their respective deaths.

the truth about adolf hitler:

when it became clear that the war was lost for germany, adolf hitler died, and ordered his troops to commit suicide.  the only trouble with this story was that the fürer was smuggled into the united states where he assisted in the tacticle planning in the possible war against the aliens.

the truth about the sinking of the maine:

the u.s. battleship maine was sunk in 1898 with 260 deaths and was the spark that led the united states into the spanish-american war.  it was actually the ship's captain, charles d. sigsbee who had had his own ship destroyed because he wanted badly the united states entry into the war.

the truth about maryln monroe:

maryln monroe did not die of a drug overdose, rather her death was made to look that way.  she had gotten too close to the kennedys and their knowledge of the alien invasion.

the truth about the rosenburgs:

julius and ethel rosenberg were excecuted for passing on atom bomb secrets to the soviet union.  they were actually just scape-goats for the united state's incompetence in allowing the soviets to get the bomb secrets.

the truth about joseph stalin:

joseph stalin led a long carreer in russia until he died under mysterious circumstances which were quickly covered up.  the truth his advisors worked so hard at to cover up was that fact that the communist was killed by the pope.

the truth about pearl harbor:

the president of the united states ordered the secret bombing of peal harbor so that us soldiers would have motivation in their upcoming world war 2 battles. (more information on this will hopefully be available as soon as i can authenticate the validity of a new informant.)

the truth about watergate:

nixon allowed himself to wrongly take the blame for the watergate scandal because he believed so much in the alien conspiracy that he was able to sacrifice his carreer for the country.

the truth about school lunches:

at 12:00 every day across our nation, literally millions of kids storm through their school's halls and into it's cafeteria where they are served various meals.  little do they know that the lunch the cafeteria serves them is laced with small quantities of mind-altering drugs, presumably some are the same which are used on people in the military. the reason these drugs are used is so they can test the effects on large populations, and a school offers the perfect oportunity to do this. think about it, they have a record of everyone who got lunch on what day, and how much they ate. the days these drugs are distributed are often the day there is a surprise test just so they can study how the drugs affect memorization skills.

the truth about the world wide web:

the world wide web, commonly called the internet, was designed by the military for the sole purpose of finding out what civillians know about certain subjects such as cover-ups.  they use massive supercomputers to monitor everything that goes on the intenet by searching for specific keywords.

the truth about television and radio:

televisions and radios are actually two way monitoring devices. tvs contain video recording devices, and radios audio recording devices which transmit the details about what is happening in your house, back to big brother.

the truth about library books/internet

although there is an ever-growing list of banned books, the libraries are always alowed to keep their books. many of which present strong anti-government feelings, or encourage a different form of government all-together.   the reason these books are allowed to stay withing the library system is so that the government can track who reads what book.  those people who check-out certain books on a list are tagged for further survalence, their names entered into a massive government database.  this is all automatic now due to the increasing library computer systems. a similar thing is done with the internet: all web browsers and modems have devices built into them which allow the government to monitor all sites visited. this is usually passive, but when someone visists sites dealing with anarchy, warez, ufos, area 51, government coverups, and pages like this, it puts up a flag allowing government supercomputers to view the sensitive material.

the truth about aids:

aids was actually developed by the united nations as a way to control the ever increasing population.  it would be easy to assume that since it was developed by the united nations, then they would also have a cure to keep themselves from being infected.

the truth about genetically engineered vegetables:

you see them all the time now in grocery stores.   vegetables genetically engineered for the "best taste" or "bigger size" even ones that have been crossed with other vegetables or fruits to produce an all new plant.  these vegetables however, contain a dna altering substance which the government secretly uses to give us certain characteristics and allergies to certain products.

the truth about drug trafficking:

the united state's fbi not only does not crack down on drug trafficking and money laundering, because they have cut a deal with the mafia which allows certain agents to get a small percentage of the money recieved.

the truth about puerto rico:

puerto rico is not yet a state, because the u.s.a. is punishing it for a descision its leaders made concerning the alien crisis.

the truth about toothpaste:

have you ever been told that if you brush your teeth every day, it'll keep the dentist away?  this is not entirely true.   recent events have shown that certain brands of toothpaste (particularly the ones containing both baking soda and peroxide as well as a whitening agent) contain a diluted form of hydrochloric acid (hcl).   this acid slowly breaks the teeth down and over time will cause cavities which require a dental visit. the purpos of this is clear.  dental products have become easy to get ahold of, so the dental association needed some assurance that their profession would continue to prosper.  therefore, the products 'four out of five dentists aggree' on, really give the users cavities and the dentists more work.

the truth about money:

within recent years, the government has had an increased need to track its citizens and where they go.  one of the ways they accomplish this is through the use of homeing beacons.  cold-war spy-technology has allowed bugs and beacons to become increadibly small and sensitive and can now be hidden in almost anything.  one common place bugs and tracking devices are hidden is inside quarters.  another way is through the metalic strips in $20, $50, and $100 dollar bills.  no one would suspect that the money in their pockets are really transmitting high-frequency signals to government satellites to be used for who-knows-what reason.

the truth about x-ray machines and metal detectors:

x-ray machines and metal-detectors have one basic purpose next to their more obvious one.  this purpose is to scan your body to test the levels of radiation you have recieved from things such as school lunch, and to get a signal from the money in your wallet, and from a microchip implant if you have one.   if the data received is of interest, needing to be analized further or double-checked, a metal-detector will continue beeping prompting the security guard to scan you with the wand to collect furthur data.

the truth about princess dianna:

the freedom of information act is a wonderful resource which allows us to gain access to knownledge that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. however, sometimes information will not be released if it is still deemed worthy of being classified. the case of the late princess dianna is one such situation. when information was being saught by a source which chooses to remain anonymous, the united states government was unwilling to release many documents about her death. through research, this source was able to learn that the cia is keeping well over 20,000 documents concerning dianna classified. while it is impossible to say what is on those reports, one can only consider the possibilities.

the truth about nasa:

despite many beliefs to the contrary, the majority of nasa (national aeronautics and space administration) knows nothing about the government conspiracies dealing with extra terrestrials. nasa was formed as a legitimate face to the shadow government's scientific programe. thus the shadow government is able to carry out experiments using nasa, yet still maintain plausible denyability.

the truth about the lottery:

there is no lottery. it is a government funded organisation which collects massive amounts of money from people hoping to strike it rich, when in reality, the "winners" are simply people paid off to pretend they won the lottery. (the money they actually recieve is actually a lot smaller). a few small prizes are given off to keep up the appearance that "it can happen to you".

the truth about city water:

city water is often spiked.  no, not by the graduating high schoolers, but by the city's own government.  what is actually in the water varies from day-to-day, but rest assured, it's more than good old fashioned h2o.   there are two popular theories about this and i personally believe both are true.   one is that the government puts small quantities of radiation to test it out to see if it is harmful to the aliens and not to humans.  the other is that they put quantities of drugs in the water, again to test them on human guinee pigs.

the truth about twinkies:

conspiracy theory here

the truth about the backstreet boyz and n'sync:

these bands popular with the younger people, contain cryptic messages when played in reverse.  at least one of these messages contains a reference to killing students and may have been the real reason behind the columbine shooting.

got milk?:

1% milk does not actually come from cows rather an alien animal our government recieved in exchange for the bodies recovered from the roswell crash.

the truth about test-tube babies:

test-tube babies are eugenically engineered for better eyesight, hearing, strength, speed, and less pain reception.  they are also susceptable to mind control.

the truth about child vaccinations:

the vaccinations all people are required to recieve when they are kids do not protect people against rabies and other popular diseases, rather protect us from the radiation given off from implants in our spines.

the truth about the chineese embasy bombing:

recent events demonstraited either our nation's incompetence, or inability to come up with a fake story, when the united states bombed a chineese embassy by "mistake". honestly, here is an organisation with satelites capable of reading a deck of cards from orbit, and all they can say is that they have an old map? the following is pure speculation on my part, but i believe that the embassy was bombed as an excuse to get china on the side of iraq, and eventually end up in another cold war.

the truth about bill clinton:

bill clinton, as with many presidents behind him had no knowledge about the shadow government. he recently found out, and threatened to expose the organisation, but was blackmailed with the lewinski scandal to force him into submission. a similar thing happened to nixon with watergate, but since clinton is still in office, one can assume that he has fallen into submission with the shadow government.

the truth about viagra:

in continuation with the government's efforts towards secret gene-pool chlorine, viagra was released into a sex-hungry population to produce eugincally superier children which are impervious to the radiation that will soon blanket the planet.

the truth about y2k:

the year two-thousand, or y2k as it is commonly caused is one of the biggest coverups since the kennedy assasination.  for detailed information on the upcoming crisis, check out my y2k survival guide: see the y2k survival page.

the truth about computer monitors:

once the government realised that computers were not just some passing fad, they modifed monitors to assist them in their dark plans. monitors mainly pump massive ammounts of radiation into a person, and also allow the sinister forces to, pardon the pun, monitor the person working on their computer, visually.

the truth about diet sodas:

diet soda tastes different than normal pop because it contains a substance similar to a mild form of lsd which slowly over time warps a person's mind to insanity. the same is true of nutrasweet.

the truth about microsoft:

computers were not invented in america, let alone on earth. they came to earth many years ago and have slowly been introduced into society. the shadow forces have computers far superior to what most people can imagine, which won't be released for decades to come. proof of this comes from when a collegue of mine bought a 33.6 modem several years ago, and then when 56.6 modems became available, suddenly his modem company offered him a software update to speed it up. in addition, software is released with bugs in it to allow for an update or a fix to be sold later.

the truth about pentium IIIs:

pentium 3's contain assembly language code which monitors the sites one goes to, and reports illegal software on the computer.

the truth about oiled roads:

why is it that it is illegal to pour oil in your backyard, when you can PAY for someone to do the exact same thing to your gravel road.  i don't really have a theory behind this, i just wanted you to ponder it.  if you can figure it out, throw me an email or add it to the message book.

the truth about asthma:

asthma inhalers contain small amouts of cocain in them.

the truth about electric and solar cars:

this one is really quite straight foreward.   electric and solar cars have been proven to be much more efficient, especially when it comes to conserving the environment.  why, then, is you have never seen one of either on the roads?  if you look at the amount of money the united states takes in per year for mining oil and gas.  also consider the amount of money people spend on oil and gas, not to mention the amount of people working for oil companies, and the cost car companies would need to spend converting their factories to producting a different type of car.  there is yet one more factor, that of foreign relations.  for many countries, especially those in the middle east, their only source of national income is from minings gas and oil.  now if the demand for petrol suddenly dissapeared over only a few years time, thousands of people would loose their jobs, the united states and other companies would loose billions of dollars profit and public relations would break down with several middle east countries.  to top it all off, think of what would happen in those countries where the only way they get money is from oil.  their national income would be shot, it would become a third-world country overnight, allowing drugs, poverty, and organized crime to take hold.  so the government is left with a choice, destroy the envrionment or loose a lot of money, jobs, and the well-being of several countries.  that's why you can't buy a solar-powered car.

the truth about antenna balls:

the government has a "master garage door opener" which they use to allow thugs to steal cars.  they decide whose cars are stolen by wether or not they have antenna balls.

the truth about microwaves:

guess what! yet another way the shadow forces use to pump our bodies with possibly lethal radiation.

the truth about the gulf war disease:

this was the government's poorly laid efforts to spark another cold war, this time with china.

the truth about tobacco:

i am still working to verify my sources for this, but there are rumours of a massive conspiracy dealing with the tobacco industry.

the truth about the moon landing:

after the fatal accident onboard the apollo 1, the united states government was deeply concerned about the safety of a moon landing.   they had just lost many of their best astronaughts and didn't want to loose more.   with the russians quickly developing their own moon-landing program, something did need to be done, however, so it was decided that the united states would fake a moonlanding on a soundstage instead of actually going there. it was the most expensive movie ever made, but this was one video that fooled the world.

the truth about vending machines:

vending machines, pop machines in particular, are designed to steal quarters from almost everyone who wants to buy something.  since there is no way of getting their quarter back, most patrons will simply put in another to get their soda.  the money stolen by these machines goes towards funding the government's many secret organizations.

the truth about bartenders and barbers:

most bartenders and barbers are actually c.i.a. agents under disquise.  they have infiltrated the civillian population, their mission: to find out what we know.  why do you think they ask so many personal questions?

the truth about rebates and registration:

why is it that whenever you send in a rebate or registration for something like a electric shaver or computer software you are told to fill out all this personal information?  how many people are in your family? your hobbies?  how much money do you make in a year?  you are told that this is for their information only, but this information keeps the governemt's files on you accurate and allow them to gain information about personal activities that they would be otherwise unable to gain access to.  since it is only a limited amount of people who fill out these registration cards, it is likely we will see more incentives for doing it in the near future.

the truth about where babies really come from:

no, it is not the stork who brings babies... not unless the stork is painted red, white, and blue. big brother has taken to euginically modifing sperm and the eggs from abductees to create genetically superior offspring. see the truth about viagra.

the truth about hotdogs:

you have most likely heard the expression: you are better off not knowing where laws and sausages come from.  this is more true than you could possibly imagine.  when there are deaths at a government factory that the government wants to keep quiet, the bodies are ground up and sent to oscar meyer.

the truth about street mimes:

street mimes are actually ex-k.g.b. spies from russia who have gone to america after the cold war ended.  they needed jobs where they would stay out of the spotlight, yet still be feared.

the truth about alarm clocks:

yet another one my men are working on, i will have the information available as soon as i can verify that i am not being purposly being fed false information.

the truth about the sci-fi channel/x-files:

the sci-fi channel as well as almost any show dealing with the paranormal is designed by big brother.  they control what exactly goes on the air and have been using shows like the x-files and movies like et to slowly get us prepared for the fact that there is actually extraterrestrial lifeforms on this planet. chris carter is most likely a government agent.

the truth about ticks:

ticks are bugs.  not insects, but bugs, electronic survelence devices which attatch themselves to your body to monitor certain preprogrammed things such as what you say, or to check your body functions such as heart rate.

the truth about lawn ornaments:

lawn ornaments, particularly pink flamingos have tiny video-survalence devices hidden in them.

the truth about lightning:

who says lightning will never strike twice?   who says that the government has no control over it?  as far back as the thirties, the government has been developing means to control the weather, the most destructive force there is.  it is covertly used as a weapon in the many silent wars our country wages.

the truth about dental floss:

there is no dental need for dental floss, just that it puts hundreds of people to work making it.

the truth about the spice girls:

the spice girls were really british spies sent here to infiltrate the american rock community.  the same can probably be said for the beatles.

the truth about "uncurable diseases":

two words: population control. with the human population in a massive "j" curve growing exponentially and doubling every couple years, the united nations needed something to insure that the earth's resources wouldn't be depleated too quickly, so they invented several diseases such as aids to release on an unsuspecting population.

the truth about the earth:

there are many truths about the earth which are not widely known, but the one i am going to focus on is its shape.  years of research has lead thousands of minds to the belief that the world really is flat. this is one of the largest coverups in history. the photos of the earth from space are faked. there are many sources of evidence for this conclusion namely that of gravity. for further information into this subject, go to the international flat earth society homepage.

the truth about el niņo:

el niņo was engineered by a group of meterologists and television weather men who were tired of never being able to predict the weather right.

the truth about alf:

alf was not a puppet, and is actually a member of congress.

the truth about toilet flusher tablets:

if you swallow enough of those tablets that make your toilet water blue, it will either kill you or give you super powers.

the truth about microwave buritos:

adolf hitler himself invented the microwave burito when he felt sorry for the hundred mexican slaves he made make him burritos.

the truth about tapiocca pudding:

tapiocca pudding is really newt and salamander ovaries.

the truth about al gore/bigfoot:

honestly, have you ever seen al gore and bigfoot at the same place and the same time?

the truth about the white house:

it is fairly easy to circumvent the whitehouse security grid.  the code to dissarm the secutity laser units is 666.

the truth about plaid:

if you stair at plaid for five hours strait, it'll give you a phsycodellic trip bigger than anything acid could give you.

the truth about vagistat:

the chemical makeup of vagistat is exactly similar to that of the filling in oreo cookies.

the truth about tin foil:

chewing on tin foil interupts the electfic signals from a person's nerve endings making it an effective lie-detector.

the truth about the challenger disaster:

ask yourself what's pink, what's furry, and what the government wants destroyed so badly that it would destroy it's own space shuttle and kill several professionals in the process.


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