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the plans

here it is.  this is the most up-to-date compilation of the plans the government and alien consortium have laid out for our future.   obviously i do not have the entire story and some of what i do have may be false due to the acuracy of my informants. this is subject to change as more information becomes available.

the plans:

the explanation

although the american people have been lied to for well over a hundred years, the systematic deciet did not begin until the power of the atomic bomb was discovered.  its use in the forties demonstraited the awesome power our country was capable of.  of course, tests needed to be done, however.   thanks to the freedom of information act, much information is becoming declassified about how radioactive fallout was tested on soldiers, retarted people, blacks, and entire small towns.  videos have even surfaced showing soldiers in trenches being subjected to radioactive fallout from a atomic blast.  when the american society recently learned of those acts, they were horrified, but what they learned barely scratched the surface about what had been done.

then, in 1947, it happened, an alien vessell crashed outside of roswell, new mexico.  a report went out that the airforce had captured a "flying disc".  that report, however, was quickly silenced and a repeal was made saying that it was not a flying disc but a weather balloon that had crashed. (this was the story that remained until many years later before some of the witnesses and their children came foreward with what they had seen.)  the remains of this alien craft and its occupants (there were probably three of them, and reports hint that one was still alive at the time of capture.) were taken to wright airforce base.

at some point thereafter, contact was secretly made with the alien government.  there was most likely a conference held by the united states which included all the major world powers. they were sworn not to reaveal any of this under threat of nuclear destruction.  an agreement was apparently made between the governments which would allow a mutual exchange of technologies. the extraterrestrials were mainly interested in our nuclear technology a process unknown to them.  they were also interested in many of our biological functions which they lacked.

at this point, several world organizations were formed including the consortium, the shadow government behind all governments.  also formed was an even more top-secret group of five members whose purpose was to design a plan in case the aliens became an egg on their side of the bargain and betrayed us as they eventually would do.

this group known only as BLACK acted as a think-tank to determine the necessary course of action that would be needed if betrayed.   one of which was through the use of radiation which the EBEs were extrememly suseptable to.  BLACK imported several nazi doctors who had performed inhuman acts of "medical science" on jews, blacks, homosexuals, and retarded people during the nazi regime.  the knowledge they had aquired through brutal experiments on humans aided research for a possible weapon agains the aliens.

by now, the consortium had realised that it was of utmost importance that the public would not be allowed to learn about the cooperation between the nations of earth and the extraterrestrial government for fear of mass hysteria.  the government agencies became so powerful and secretive that even the next president, esisenhower, was unaware that aliens exist so he could give plausable deniability.  the alien biological and technological components recieved had been placed in above-top secret facilities in america and russia such as area 51 where they were tested on and reverse engineered.  the united states began testing its radiation on civillians, mostly blacks because at that time, they were still considered less of a person.  this was why martin luthor king had been killed because the consortium knew that if african americans gained full rights then those tested on might tell what had happened to them.  they were not counting on him becoming a martyr however.

but in the early sixties, for some reason, diplomatic relations between the alien and earth governments brok down.  to make matters worse, the BLACK member of russia decided it was in the best interest of his country if they took the side of the aliens. after world war 2, relations between the u.s.a. and the soviet union weren't that great to begin with, and when he decided that the ussr would be on the alien's side, the cold war was started.  it appears that it was at this point when BLACK decided to let president john f. kennedy in on what had been secretly going on for the last almost twenty years.

this appears to have been one of the few flaws the consortium had as kennedy did not give the reaction that was planned.  he was opposed to the fact that he and the president before him had been in the dark about this, and even more appalled that something so major would be kept from the citizens of the world.   he threatened to tell the truth about what had been going on for the last two millinia in an upcoming speech.  a speech which he never made. 

throughout the cold war, the united states continued its testing afraid that a war between the united nations and russia alied with the aliens would come at any day.  the only thing that probably prevented it was that the aliens knew of the radiation weapons which the united states had developed.   because of the urgency, BLACK had to step up tests.  now it was testing on more people other than just blacks.  many ways to do this was developed, and radiation was distributed in foods and even in city water so that the effects could be tested.

the aliens too were testing, trying to find a way to keep radiation from poisoning them.  they started performing experiments on cattle and even some people, hoping to find a cure.

then, something happened between the soviet union and the extraterrestrial governments.  and as the cold war ended, the soviet union lost all interest in either side of the conspiracy.  it is also at this time when the united states government felt the need to track where certain people went for an unknown reason.  many bugs, homing beacons, and tracking devices were circulated in ordinary objects such as money.  the vaccines given to children to protect against diseases now also worked to keep the new forms of radiation from damaging their bodies and to block the radioactive signals given off by alien spinal implants.

now, it seems that the possibility of a war between earth and the extraterrestrials is at its all-time highest point.  many facts support this belief, the increased reports of cattle mutilation, alien abduction, and that the united states has even started testing radiation, mental drugs, and treatments on its own millitary and school children.

knowing that it can't keep us in the dark forever about the extra-terrestrials, the government has slowly been introducing us to the concept by televisions shows like the x-files to lessen the shock when it finally happens.

more info will be added if it becomes available