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the internet has allowed people the opportunity to allow the truth to be told much more easily than by more conventional media.   although the government has supercomputers designed to sort through the internet, rapidy searching for certain keywords, it allows vital information to be quickly spread.   i have composed a list of some of the best paranormal internet sites that you can find on the web.  if you find any of these sites at all useful, it would be wise to make a copy of it on your harddrive just in case the site is mysteriously gone the next time you try to access it.  user beware, by going to sites like mine and the ones on this list, the government will tag your ip address and see what all you find out.   the author of this site and i'm sure the authors of the sites below do not want to be held accountable if men in black show up at your door tomorrow.

this should be the starting point of all your searches, a decent search engine for paranormal topics:

ufoseek - the paranormal and ufo search engine


here is the homepage for the international flat earth society, it is definitely worth checking out and just might change some of your opinions:

the flat earth society


here is a fellow conspiracy page. at this juncture, it appears to contain definitely some relavent information:


this is a decent site, with quaility information which is definitely worth reading.


a lot more will be coming as soon as i find them. then again, a lot will be going as soon as the government finds them.