i have long suspected my unwitting invlolment in the dark plans of a shadow government, but i never had direct evidence until about a month ago (~8.20.99) when I noticed what i had always regarded as a birthmark on my hand, had something in it. the "birthmark" was a small red dot that i had had for as long as i can remember. the skin never grew over the direct top of it. then i notice that there was something in it which i had never seen before because i had never bothered with a close inspection. whatever it was, it was red and pyramid-shaped. about two-weeks ago, i could no longer stand the fact that i had a foreign device inside my body, so with great pain and loss of blood, i removed it from my hand. in the process of removal, a chunk broke off. close inspection revealed that it is indeed red, but actually metallic. the metallic qualities never showed up in the scan. as the second picture demonstraits it was indeed pyramid shapped before it broke. i recomend that readers of this site look for anything unusual in their bodies which may be hidden in moles or birthmarks like my alien implant.

here is my implant scanned at 1000 percent size. it is in a plastic bag. because of the scanning quality, you are unable to see that it is metal. a peice is also missing.

here is my implant, but i have put a dotted line over the missing area to demonstrate that it was a pyramid.

this picture was digitally altered by me to show how it must have looked before broken.